Mediterranean Style Garden Design Ideas

If you are out to have some serious fun in your garden, you should consider going Mediterranean, albeit in a small way. All you need is some sunny space, the basic concepts and lots of creativity.

Create a Mediterranean garden wherever you live with bright colors and hot hues from flowers like coreopsis, blanket flower, sedum, and sunflower.

Set these off with contrasting plants in shades of blue along with silvery-gray foliage plants.

Artemisia, catmint, blue fescue, Mexican-bush sage, and lamb’s ear are good choices. Include a variety of fragrant herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme.

Olive and citrus trees also provide a Mediterranean touch. Lightly colored boulders placed within the garden will also help mimic the Mediterranean landscape.

Mediterranean landscape garden, beautiful garden

Choosing Patio Furniture – Protective Covers For Patio Furniture

When you choose patio furniture, Be careful of the surface.

Protective Covers For Patio Furniture

Aluminum: this frame of patio furniture should be coated with powder-coat to get durability. Mineral oil or car wax can be applied to protect the surface. This one gets rinsed with soapy water easily.