Modern Contemporary Apartment Design

Jianwai Soho, building 4#, modern apartment in Beijing, China.

With modern & contemporary design, white color.

Jian Wai Soho

Along Chang An Avenue, right opposite China World Trade Center, 18 apartment buildings, 2 office buildings, total area 700,000sqm. A huge project just in front of China World with big central garden, Simple decoration

House Renovation For Resale

Maybe your house is not at its best and difficult to sell, or you cannot get good value. There are many useful renovation ideas which would help you to improve its marketability.

Neutral colors help sell a house – Consider painting walls a neutral color such as beige or taupe, to create a blank canvas for potential buyers. Apply Fresh Paint in Neutral Colors: The cheapest thing you can do to improve the look of your living space, other than decluttering which is essentially free, is to apply paint.