Amazing Modern Interior Design Photos

Small living room, black feather sofa. Love the ethnic style ceiling.

iron chairs and open shelves

Dining room, rough wooden dining table, iron chairs and open shelves.

Bathroom, simple design


photos wall

Small white kitchen. The  blue scratchy floral wallpaper in that kitchen was Michael Penney’s, of Canadian House & Home, featured here:
It is a Thibaut wallpaper.

Amazing Modern Interior Design Photos

home office, bookshelves

Plaid sofa

bedroom, blue ethnic style headboard


kitchen, stainless steel sink and open shelves

These beautiful photos are from Kim Jeffery, who is a very talented and relatively new photographer. Visit her site here. I found photos on:

Small House Blue Decorating – Blue And White Home Decor

Of course, blue is one of the best color for home decor. Blue brings down blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate. That’s why it’s considered calming, relaxing, and serene, and is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.

A lovely small blue and white living room.

Small And Irregular Interior Design – Traditional Mediterranean Interior

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Diatomaceous earth , natural materials used for the wall.
A small and Irregular home, The spacious modern interior combines the traditional Mediterranean style with the french country style.

Ideas For Decorating Small Spaces

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If you feel that you’re unfortunate to live in a seemingly claustrophobic space, don’t lose hope for there are many techniques to consider in making your quarters more organized, and your home life satisfying and fulfilling.  Some useful tips for your small space.

When You Decorating A Small Space
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Planning […]

When You Decorating A Small Space

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Planning has always been an important component of the interior design, but it is particularly important in the design of a small space. Sit down with pencil and paper,  Preview all of the information before you start designing for your smaller space.
When you decorate a small space, and always focused on simple. Visual unity decorations, […]

Blue Room Decorating

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Blure is a common color for interior decorating, but you also can make a very good design, which is unusual.
You must like blue color when you plan for a blue room, while decorating, you will want to make sure that you take some care in choosing the shades that you use. Here is the best example blue color to […]

Modern Contemporary Apartment Design

Jianwai Soho, building 4#, modern apartment in Beijing, China.

With modern & contemporary design, white color.

Jian Wai Soho

Along Chang An Avenue, right opposite China World Trade Center, 18 apartment buildings, 2 office buildings, total area 700,000sqm. A huge project just in front of China World with big central garden, Simple decoration

Duplex Apartment Decorating Photos

If you don’t own a house, a Duplex apartment is also very well. happy for your decorating, here are some duplex apartment decorating photos.

The Roppongi Hills Apartments are located in the 11-hectare Roppongi Hills development in Tokyo, in several residential buildings designed by Conran & Partners. (photo:

Manila Makati duplex apartment rental, direct Owner (