Neoclassical Interior Design

Neoclassical home decor, Jenna Lyons’ home.

Beautiful gorgeous living room, Neoclassical style. blue, white and yellow.

Decorating English Garden Style

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More and more people began to create their private garden. Whether you are a small apartment with a terrace, garden or possession of the penthouse villas.

When you think of a country cottage in the gently rolling farmlands of rural England, several things come to mind: thatched roofs, old stone walls and fences, rambling roses, neat […]

Neoclassical home decor, Neoclassical decor


The fireplace

open kitchen and white armchairs

The open kitchen, complete with comfy armchairs.

blue green kitchen cabinets, with open shelves

blue green kitchen cabinets, with open shelves.

Lyons likes how the thick poured-concrete countertops absorb wine stains, giving the kitchen a lived-in quality.

Kitchen Island, An Attractive Way To Expand Your Counter Space

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A new kitchen is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family. Popular kitchen decoration themes include the home and country decor which gives your kitchen that warm old-fashioned and homey feel. Kitchen islands have been in vogue for years. A kitchen island can be a cheap and attractive way […]


A threadbare Oriental rug next to the bed captures the play of humble and haute.

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  1. I think that decorating a rental space can always be challenging especially for an apartment tenant or college student looking to dress up their living space temporarily.

    Regards, Angela

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