Interior design, with blue, green and white

In fact, they are not real blue, green and white in nature, they are new colors created by Anders Schonnemann, a great photographer. Visit Anders Schonnemann to enjoy more great interior works.




Color Ideas For Living Room

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Do you want to make a colourful living room?  Choosing colors is one of the most important elements in beautiful space designs. To be unique, you can select your colors from the paint samples, or you can get some ideas from internet or magazine.

Blue Room Decorating

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Blure is a common color for interior decorating, but you also can make a very good design, which is unusual.
You must like blue color when you plan for a blue room, while decorating, you will want to make sure that you take some care in choosing the shades that you use. Here is the best example blue color to […]

Bedroom Color Schemes

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Bedrooms are private spaces that allow more flexibility than other rooms in regard to color, style and decor, making the decorating opportunities for these rooms almost endless.
Color is the most powerful tool you have for creating a mood, and everyone’s emotional response to color is different. When planning color schemes for this space, aim to […]

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  1. A light colored pecan or maple wood floor can bring out any color and enhance the room’s appearance.
    Pattern carpet can be used in the same way in bedrooms.
    Love the variation in the blue room.

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