Comfortable Interior Color Scheme: Pink Decorating

Pink is the most sweet color, and the princess color, If you like pink,  you’re seeking to be more inventive. New possibilities flood your mind. By constantly examining possible practical applications, you create new things, new ideas. Using this purple-pink shade in room design is empowering. You and others will become more determined and self-constructive in a lavender pink office or library. Because it invites warm, exciting conversations, it’s perfect for dining or living rooms. Guests will feel welcomed.

Below is one of my most favorite color schemes for country style interior.

classical style design, pink curtain and chair

Decorate with Distinction
A nailhead chair, when covered in an inspiring rose-print polished cotton, becomes a conversation piece. Mirrored furnishings add luxe without crowding the room.

China Cabinet, pink cabinets, pink home pictures

China Cabinet
Damask-patterned wall covering papers the back of this English-inspired cabinet, causing both the white trim and the pottery to positively pop.

Shell Pink Chaise

Shell Pink Chaise
Natural elements, apparel-like fabrics, linen, and modern touches all help to communicate the power of pink.

pink Candlestick

Fuchsia Candlesticks
Candlesticks gain instant stardom when featured in fuchsia, putting an eye-opening twist on an orderly composition.

wing chair, luxury pink furnishings

Wing Chair
A boudoir sham adds unusual luxury to a simple chair.

Fabric Choices

Fabric Choices
Ticking and broader stripes project cottage appeal when used on upholstery, slipcovers, or window treatments. Mixing in a vintage-inspired pattern keeps the effect relaxed.

Pink Living Room, pink and white, beautiful picture

Pink Living Room
This thoughtfully composed yet comfortable design scheme of pink-white-pink establishes an orderly decorating plan. Count on pink to maintain its joyful presence, and include a generous helping of white to keep the feeling light and airy.

photo: credit: Keith Scott Morton via.

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Modern Colorful Home Furnishings, Colorful Home Decor

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Choosing a color is the most important thing in your home decorating, especially for modern room designs. When you walk into a different colored room, it can totally change the way you feel. these photos with colorful home furnishings will help you make your modern home.

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