Hot Tub Styles

There are three different styles of hot tubs are available in the market these days:

One of the widely-spread hot tub styles is a soaking tub constructed like a very large barrel often with wooden staves. As a matter of fact, the water in such a tub is supposed to be almost still and circulated only for the purposes of filtering and heating. It is usually inset in a certain wooden deck and is entered from this deck.

Usually, wooden benches are used to sit in the bath. A soaking tub is filled at the system start-up and maintained in almost the same manner as a swimming pool. To disinfect the tub, chlorine appears to be a spread option. If a soaking tub has a more sophisticated design, ozone generator can be used. This generator is supposed to eliminate the need for manual water treatment or purchased chemicals. How is water heated in the tub? For this purposes electricity, propane, gas or rarely – wood fires can be used.

Plastic spas are considered to be a very different form of a wooden soaking tub. In such types of hot tubs arrangements, a person can enjoy a variety of seating arrangements within the tub. In this system, individual seat is often given the coverage of one or more water jets which facilitates the body to relax and sooths the pain easily. Being economical than the wooden staved soaking tubs, such tubs are far easy to install, and more energy efficient in producing effective results.

The third hot tub style is called a bathtub. These are much smaller spas commonly available for installation within simple bathroom. They are relatively small and can accommodate from one to two people simultaneously.

In this modern life, the importance of hot tubs cannot be denied. These tubs are easy to place inside the home, needs easy maintenance and can be enjoyed with friends and family.

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