Simple Build A Glass Display Shelf

You may have a custom bookshelf, It is thick, deep, and have limited viewing space. Do you want to change it into a beautiful one, a  glass display shelf? It is a simple work! If your shelf bookshelf has adjustable shelves that rest on pins, simply get the measurements of the shelves and go to a glazier. Glass cube units are an excellent choice for displaying folded garments or gift items. They can cut glass to the same dimensions and you can put in light, clear glass shelves which will completely change the “feel” of the shelving unit.

The main thing you have to be aware of though is getting glass designed to withstand the stress.

Glass Display Shelf

Rustic Style Furniture, Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable

By: Jason Gerth 

Rustic furniture is usually handmade and not factory produced from wood such as hickory, cypress, cedar and pine wood. One of the most popular furniture styles right now, rustic furniture is displayed in homes from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida.

Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style furniture comes in many styles, shapes and colors, and most of them say “warm, comfortable and/or inviting.” Quality homemade rustic furniture continues to remain very popular nationwide.

Home Theater Furniture Design Ideas

Maybe you have made up your mind to include a home theater at home, but how to design the home theater furniture ? First,  it is important to decide the location. If you already know that, then it is time to go ahead. Basically there are two parts of a home theater, one is the video and audio equipment and the second the interior designing of the theater room. Here are some useful tips for home theater furniture design.