Amazing Color! Colorful Rooms and Simple Wall Decor

Amazing Color! Colorful Rooms and Simple Wall Decor

Orange lacquer Chinese cabinet, what a amazing color scheme.

Vintage cottage bedroom with colorful bedding and carpet

Vintage cottage bedroom with colorful bedding and carpet. Simple colorful pattern wall arts. Über talented Claire Larritt-Evans.

Amazing Modern Interior Design Photos

Small living room, black feather sofa. Love the ethnic style ceiling.

iron chairs and open shelves

Dining room, rough wooden dining table, iron chairs and open shelves.

Bathroom, simple design


photos wall

Small white kitchen. The  blue scratchy floral wallpaper in that kitchen was Michael Penney’s, of Canadian House & Home, featured here:
It is a Thibaut wallpaper.

Amazing Modern Interior Design Photos

home office, bookshelves

Plaid sofa

bedroom, blue ethnic style headboard


kitchen, stainless steel sink and open shelves

These beautiful photos are from Kim Jeffery, who is a very talented and relatively new photographer. Visit her site here. I found photos on:

Contemporary Living Room Designs and Stylish Floor Lamps

  The first one:


  Montgomery Task Floor Lamp

  Price: $299.00


41″ wide x 10″ deep x 58″ high
Crafted of brass and finished in a burnished, deep bronze.
Interior of metal shade is painted white for enhanced illumination.
On/off switch on plug-in cord.

The shapely profile of early streetlights is echoed in the design of Montgomery Task Floor Lamp.

Chinese Artist’s Colorful Home Decor

This is a Chinese artist’s row house. Decorating style: Chinese traditional Style and original style. Beautiful color combinations, Share with you!

Natural & Chinese Style Fairy Tale Interior

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Red wood door decor with fairy tale style

Feng Shui Tips – Get Rid Of Clutter

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An Essential Feng Shui Tip – Get Rid of Clutter
Almost every good Feng Shui class or seminar would say “Get Rid of Clutter”. Ever wonder why? That’s because it’s the truth. The basic premise of Feng Shui is that your life experience, even the extent of your luck – is influenced by your surroundings. At […]

Comfortable Interior Color Scheme: Pink Decorating

Pink is the most sweet color, and the princess color, If you like pink,  you’re seeking to be more inventive. New possibilities flood your mind. By constantly examining possible practical applications, you create new things, new ideas. Using this purple-pink shade in room design is empowering. You and others will become more determined and self-constructive in a lavender pink office or library. Because it invites warm, exciting conversations, it’s perfect for dining or living rooms. Guests will feel welcomed.

Below is one of my most favorite color schemes for country style interior.

classical style design, pink curtain and chair