Chalkboard Dresser Tips

When applying chalkboard paint, the smoother the surface, the better the result.

Take your time. This project is not difficult, but it’s important to allow ample drying time between coats of paint.

chalkboard dresser

Incorporate color for extra pop. “Adding red stripes to the front really helped accent the chalkboard drawers,” Mary says.

For best results, use a wet washcloth, rather than a chalkboard eraser, to erase chalk designs and writing.

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Giving your children a space to write on the walls

Giving your children a space to write on the walls


Whether it’s your little one’s bedroom, a play area for your home daycare, or just a place for the grandkids to hang out, should encourage imagination and creativity. kids space, that may even include writing on the walls!1. Chalkboard Paint Alternative – If you don’t feel like painting, but still like the idea of a chalkboard, you can also pick up peel and stick chalkboard panels. For ideas check out WallCandy® Arts – they make standard rectangular chalkboard panels, as well as other shapes, including circles and jungle animals (yes, elephants, giraffes, and even hippos).

4 Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

              by Kirk Bangstad

Do you want to finish your kitchen cabinet refacing project by yourself? Here are some simple tips and don’t cost much.

Kitchen Lighting

Remodeling experts often recommend simple lighting upgrades to spruce up a kitchen. Installing central, more direct lighting fixtures comes at a much lower cost than recessed or track lighting, and can easily improve the appearance of a space. (Under-cabinet lighting adds a nice touch, too, especially with cabinet refacing).

Tips For Planning Your Kitchen

 Planning for safety because almost forty percent of all home accidents happen in the kitchen, which makes it by far the most dangerous room in the house. Most at risk are young children and the elderly, but carelessness can make statistics of us all. The cook top is the most hazardous area of the kitchen. Do not install it beneath a wall cabinet, near curtains or drying dish towels. Fire is an ever-present hazard, so place a small foam fire extinguisher or fire blanket where you can easily find it. If you have children, store sharp knives and caustic cleaners in locked cupboards or drawers. Never let steam discharge onto an electric socket. Install all switches and outlets well away from water.

Talk about Dining Table And Chairs

A dining table is the centerpiece of any room it occupies. Interior designer Patrick McFarland of Madden-McFarland Interiors in Leawood says most of his clients want a formal table with a “wow” factor. If that’s the look you want, you probably want a veneered table. Good veneers have more dramatic patterning in the grain than solid wood.

Granite Sink Maintenance

Granite is frequently used in kitchen remodeling, because granite is so heavy, you need to have a granite sink mounting systems in place safely and securely when you thinking about installing a granite sink.  Most of these granite sink mounting systems will come with the granite sink when you purchase it, but if not, here are some places where you can find the pieces you need:


Kids Room Painting Ideas

Paints available for kids’ rooms greatly vary in colors. These are usually bold and bright colors which are easy and safe to apply or clean. You should already expect that the walls in your kids’ room will be the dirtiest room of the house, so be prepared in advance so that you will not have any headaches in the future.

Painting kids bedrooms also involves the selection of paint finishes. The best ones for their room are semi-gloss, satin, and/or eggshell finish. You can use latex paint so that in case your kids smudge dirt on the walls, it would be easier to remove by using a damp cloth and soap.


9 Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen

How to renovate your kitchen?  there are 9 ways help to  improve the look of your kitchen.

1. Try adding color to white cabinets by painting small frames red. Ask your children to paint flowers or scenes on white paper. Then mount the paintings in the small frames and attach two or three (depending on the proportions of your cabinets) to the front of each door. Voila! Your own art gallery! (And you can change the paintings anytime you want!

kitchen cabinet picture