Bathroom Design – Bathroom Furniture, The Cabinet Sink

Bathroom Design – Bathroom Furniture, The Cabinet Sink

One of the hot new trends in bathroom design(bathroom design pictures) is the use of the cabinet-sink. It makes your sink look like a piece of furniture whether traditional or contemporary.
Cabinet sinks create a high-end look and often have a high-end price. However, I found a great selection of cabinet sinks to fit any budget and style. Check out Home Decorators Collection for a great selection of cabinet sinks at a great price.

How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom

Decorating a Guest Bedroom

? By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

First of all, Comfort is the key.

Keep in mind how it feels to stay the night at a hotel or even at a friend’s home. What are the amenities that you enjoy? What were your dislikes? Treat the space as a luxury hotel room. Provide your guest(s) with a full or queen-sized bed. If it’s grandchildren you’re catering too, try twin beds or even bunk beds. Don’t decorate your room with a myriad of leftovers from other rooms though. Pick out a specific theme for your guest room just as you would your own room or your child’s bedroom.

bathroom design pictures

Light and shadow, and the contrast of dark wood and white fixtures, echoes the opposite yet complementary nature of yin and yang in this Asian-inspired bathroom. The softened angular shapes of the bathtub, toilet and sink recall the timeless quality of Japanese ceramic tableware, while subtle lighting spotlights the room

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas?

Below are some of the most recommended living room decorations and accessories to purchase and use.

1. The living room carpet. The living room carpet is an important thing to use. It could be of any color of your own choice whether you prefer to match or contrast it with the wall colors of your living room. Most homeowners go for the neutral color of the carpet as it is easy to blend along with the rest of the living room decorations.


Small Bathrooms Decorating Tips

There must be at least 24 inches of clear floor space in front of the toilet or bidet. Though, you can choose tub size of any size but there should be at least 60 inches long (which is also the standard size of the bathtub) and 30 inches wide clear floor space along its side. There should be easy access and no obstruction in reaching plumbing and whirlpool motors. All enclosed showers should have at least 34 inches of usable space from wall to wall inside them, though many people use showers with 32 inches of space too. Though shapes of the showers may differ but there must be at least 30 inches of interior circular diameter and 1024 square inches of finished interior space in a shower. Limited bathroom space can be renovated to give an illusion of space by using some designing optical illusion tricks.